Why Primes? - Primes Compression

The Science of Your Aches and Swelling

Primes = Compression Therapy + Ultimate Comfort

Premium Materials

• SmartScent™ anti-microbial technology

• Prevents odor-causing bacteria

• Can be worn up to 5 times before washing

• Breathable to keep your feet cool while keeping moisture out

• Made with wear and tear resistant yarns

Water Repellent Fabric

MemoryCompression™ fabric contours to your leg and feet

Comfortable cushioning in your toe and heel - where it matters most

SmartCuffs™ prevents socks from sliding and bunching

Unique Design

 Reduces swelling, pain and fatigue

•  Improves circulation and blood flow and decreases inflammation

 Prevents fluid build up in your feet (reduces risk of blood clots)

 Reduces appearance and symptoms of varicose veins

 Supports faster muscle recovery after training

Clinically Proven To Reduce Swelling And Blood Clot Risk

Thousands of Primes users are thrilled to report real, repeatable results after daily use

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