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I am a hairstylist and work very long hours. I have two pairs and won’t go without them. The pressure points truly help with foot and leg fatigue. I absolutely LOVE these! In the past I tire very easily from being on my feet but not when I wear these. They do last forever too! I am still using my first pair in my work shoes. I can attest that they last a long time because I never give them a break and have worn the same ones. Most of the time, I do not wear socks with these. Sometimes I wear socks in my house shoes, but I like it when I can take them off and walk directly on these insoles instead!

Ellen Miller, NY
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My wife bought these for me and I am one of those skeptics that don't believe in those stories about your foot having pressure points that help other parts of the body, but let me tell you something. This product is absolutely the 10th wonder of the world! I used to wake up and manage to struggle through a better part of my morning with back pain that was just so bad I would walk crooked. NOT ANYMORE! I'm telling you no more back pain and from the first day I put these in my boots the next morning! I got up and was standing straight with no pain! I can guarantee you I will have a pair of these in every shoe I wear for the rest of my life! IT’S SIMPLY AMAZING!

Derek Copeland, MD
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My husband who has back and knee problems due to several operations has been using this for about a month and he loves them! His feet always hurt at the end of the long work day because his hips are off and the circulation in his legs are bad. I had low expectations of this purchase but was hopeful. I can honestly say that this product has exceeded my expectations and now we are now intending to buy a pair for every shoe in the house! Thanks for such a great product! Once he gets all of his work shoes situated, we will be getting mine situated too!

Julie Arteaga, OH
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